CLNW - Payment Calculator

CLNW - Payment Calculator

Sometimes it just isn't worth it to go through the whole invoicing and billing process for a job. So I've created this form so you can pay whatever you want for my services. I've created a calculator so you can determine a fair amount we both will be happy with. The suggested total is calculated at $1.50 per minute and $1.00 per mile one way.
Feel free to tweak the numbers to come up with a price you think is fair.

There is no obligation. Feel free to pay what you can afford. If I was worried about this I would have given you a quote up front, invoiced you and taken collateral for the job. It's kind of a modified pay-it-forward project and your payment will allow me to keep doing this for others.

If you don't want to pay online you can always stick a check or cash in an envelope and mail it to me at PO Box 99, Skamokawa (98647).

Thank you,